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A little about us

The Company

         Southwest Graphics & Wraps is Tucson's premier vinyl graphic company, with experience and skill in both design of graphics and application of vinyl. Southwest Graphics is both family owned and operated to insure Tucson gets the best experience by treating every customer like family. Here at Southwest we can accomplish your vision wrapping anything from cars & trucks to boats & planes, we also specialize in creating signs, banners, stickers and decals. We make creative dreams a reality.

Things to know

The vehicle must be free of dirt, mud, bugs, wax and other debris on the surface upon delivery.

• Do not wax the vehicle or use any protective tire spray within 1-2 weeks before drop off.

• Do NOT wash the vehicle the morning of installation as it leaves trapped water behind panels.

•$35 wash fee will be added for any unwashed vehicles due to extra time & labor.

Late Fees & Cancellation Fees

• To ensure your wrap, and work for our other clients, is done on time, it is necessary to charge $25 as a late fee. After 2 hours we must reschedule.

• Cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment will be fully charged.

• If you cancel your wrap after materials are printed / purchased, you are liable for the full payment and cancellation fee of $55.

• Deposits are used to lock in your appointment and to insure materials are ordered and as such are non refundable.

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